Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Purchase your Big Noggin for $50

Welcome to Patrick Bryant's "Big Nogginz" the place where you can purchase a personalized caricature of yourself or a loved one. How it works: Contact me (pbry23@yahoo.com) to discuss your caricature and then send me at least 2-3 pictures of yourself or loved one. You will receive a sketch of your caricature within 48 hrs and the final image will be emailed to you as a 8x10 300 dpi jpeg image within 4 days of the start of your project. All you pay is $50 (due up front) in order to start the project. Transactions are handled via PayPal. You only need my email address to pay through PayPal (no account required). If you have any questions before we begin please don't hesitate to contact me first. Be sure to check out the Customer Gallery to see examples of previously satisfied customers. Watch these short Videos to see my process and for important information. about your final image.

Customer Feedback

This is open to the public. Please leave any comments in regards to the service that I've provided for you. If you have questions, post them here as well and I'll respond. Thanks.